RSS Feeds

Welcome to the RSS feed. In a nutshell, our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a quick and snazzy way to keep updated on all the content posted onto the site, as soon as it's published. Courtesy of the wonders of technology you can have the feed report direct to your desktop, your own website or, if you own the Firefox web browser, you can get our RSS feed added to your bookmarks.

Multi-format Combined Feed (All of our content)

Multi-format News Feed

Multi-format Interviews Feed

Multi-format Reviews Feed

Multi-format Previews Feed

Multi-format Features Feed

Multi-format Competitions Feed

The Science Bit

In addition to the options above, advanced users can create their own custom CVG RSS Feed by modifying the following url:

1 = news, 2 = reviews, 3 = previews, 4 = features - optional (defaults to all)
(1 - 3) higher = more important - optional (defaults to 1)
(1 - 100) items to return - optional (defaults to 10)

Non-standard RSS

Some items may return an extra <image> tag which points to a thumbnail image to accompany the article.