Name Format Date Posted
Race Driver GRID 2: The next generation is already here PC PS3 360  23rd Sep 2012
Race Driver: GRID PC  25th Mar 2008
RAGE gameplay preview PC PS3 360  7th Aug 2010
Rage gameplay preview PC PS3 360  21st Jun 2010
Rage: A new direction for the core FPS? PC PS3 360  8th Aug 2011
Rage: A new Id classic in the making? PC PS3 360  25th Dec 2010
Rage: A new id Software classic? PC PS3 360  24th Apr 2011
Rage: Just another post-apocalyptic shooter? PC PS3 360  21st Apr 2011
RAGE: Reinventing the first-person shooter PC PS3 360  3rd Sep 2011
Rainbow 6: Patriots - Harsh choices and harsher consequences PC PS3 WiiU 360  24th Feb 2012
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC  7th Mar 2008
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC PS3 360  8th Feb 2008
Rayman Raving Rabbids WII PC PS2  21st Sep 2006
Reckoning: Kingdoms Of Amalur - 'A Fable and Dragon Age mash-up' PC PS3 360  15th Jul 2011
Red Faction Armageddon: Taking destruction to a new extreme? PC PS3 360  4th Jan 2011
Remember Me: The last great new IP of this console generation? PC PS3 360  12th Jan 2013
Renegade Ops: Did triple-A just go digital? PC PS3 PSN 360 XLA  2nd Jun 2011
Res Evil: Operation Raccoon City hands-on with team evil PC PS3 360  8th Dec 2011
Reservoir Dogs PC PS2 XBX  18th Jul 2006
Resident Evil 6: Allies turn enemies, friends become foes PC PS3 360  23rd Jun 2012
Resident Evil Revelations: Hands on with Capcom's ship-shape HD-make WiiU PC PS3 360  18th Feb 2013
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Does survival horror and squad-shooter mix? PC PS3 360  10th May 2011
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Hands on-with Versus mode PC PS3 360  1st Mar 2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Is co-op the silver lining? PC PS3 360  12th Feb 2012
RF Online PC  8th Feb 2006
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Less drifting and more destroying PC PS3 360  17th Jul 2011
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Taking the series in the right direction? PC PS3 360  4th Feb 2012
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Unbelievable or Unrecognisable? PC PS3 360  12th May 2011
Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War PC  25th Jul 2005
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC  18th Apr 2006
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC  21st Jul 2005
Risen 2: Pirate RPG is great fun - but will it shine on consoles? PC PS3 360  27th Feb 2012
Rogue Warrior PC  5th Dec 2006
Rollercoaster Tycoon III PC  21st Sep 2004
Rolling deep with San Andreas PC PC  4th May 2005
Rome 2: First look at the biggest Total War ever PC  2nd Jul 2012
Rome II Total War video preview: Across sea and land PC  1st Aug 2013
Rome: Total War - Alexander PC  4th May 2006
Ruse PC PS3 360  25th Mar 2009