Name Format Date Posted
L.A. Noire: The future of narrative in games? PC PS3 360  26th Dec 2010
LA Noire: Enough gameplay depth to support its narrative? PC PS3 360  9th May 2011
LA Noire: Made to be played on PC PC  29th Sep 2011
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend PC  3rd Jan 2006
Left 4 Dead PC  28th Jul 2008
Left 4 Dead PC 360  26th May 2008
Left 4 Dead PC  5th Mar 2008
Left 4 Dead PC  11th Jan 2008
Left 4 Dead PC  27th Apr 2007
Left 4 Dead PC  12th Jan 2007
Left 4 Dead 2: Six boycott-trumping features PC 360  14th Jul 2009
Lego Batman 2: Superheroes unite - but is there anything new to say? WII WiiU PC PS3 360  27th May 2012
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures WII PC PS3 360  20th Mar 2008
Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars: The biggest Lego game yet? WII PC PS3 360  13th Feb 2011
London 2012 Olympics video game: 6 gold medals we've already won PC PS3 360  26th Apr 2012
Lord of the Rings Conquest PC PS3 360  28th Jun 2008
Lord of the Rings: War in the North - A co-op action game worth playing? PC PS3 360  15th Mar 2011
Lost Planet 3 preview: A change of pace for the icy alien shooter PC PS3 360  25th Apr 2013
Lost Planet 3: Build your own mechs in this ambitious sequel PC PS3 360  17th Jun 2012
Lost Planet 3: E3 demo hands-on raises our eyebrows PC PS3 360  24th May 2012
Lost: The Videogame PC  20th Jan 2008
Lost: The Videogame PC  26th Oct 2007
LoTR Online: The Mines of Moria PC  30th Nov 2008
Love PC  22nd Apr 2008