Name Format Date Posted
Pac-Man XLA  26th Feb 2007
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions 3DS  8th Aug 2011
Pac-Man: Championship Edition XLA  7th Jun 2007
Pacific Storm: Allies PC  5th Jul 2007
Painkiller: Overdose PC  14th Jan 2008
Pandora's Tower WII  9th Jul 2011
Pandora's Tower review: It's Zelda against the clock in Wii's last great RPG WII  9th Apr 2012
Panzer Elite Action XBX  2nd May 2006
Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review: A charming romp, but with a few sticking points 3DS  6th Dec 2012
Parappa The Rapper PSP  18th May 2007
Paraworld PC  28th Oct 2006
Pariah XBX  9th May 2005
Pariah PC  9th May 2005
Patapon PSP  22nd Feb 2008
Patapon 2 PSP  6th Mar 2009
Patapon 3 PSP  7th May 2011
Patriots: A Nation Under Fire PC  8th Jun 2007
PDC World Championship Darts PC  14th Dec 2006
PDC World Championship Darts 2008 PC  27th Feb 2008
Peggle PC  22nd Jun 2007
Penny Arcade Adventures Episode One PC  22nd May 2008
Penumbra: Black Plague PC  28th Feb 2008
Perfect Dark XBLA XLA  11th Mar 2010
Perfect Dark Zero 360  1st Dec 2005
PES 2009 WII  26th Mar 2009
PES 2010 WII  18th Nov 2009
PES 2010 360  15th Oct 2009
PES 2012 PC PS3 360  28th Sep 2011
PES 2013 review: At last, Konami gets it right... PC PS3 360  17th Sep 2012
Peter Jackson's King Kong XBX  16th Nov 2005
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst PC  26th Jun 2005
Phantasy Star Universe 360  23rd Nov 2006
Phantasy Star Ř DS  13th Feb 2010
Picross E2 review: A hidden gem 3DS  26th Jan 2013
Piggyback Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Game Guide PC PS2 360  6th Nov 2006
Pikmin 2: New Play Control! WII  21st Apr 2009
Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines PC  13th Oct 2005
Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines XBX  7th Sep 2005
Pilotwings Resort 3DS  14th Mar 2011
Pinball FX XLA  1st Mar 2007
Pirates of the Burning Sea PC  21st Feb 2008
Pixel People iOS review: Sim City expertly spliced with Tiny Tower ipd  30th Jan 2013
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review: Deep, strategic, but not very exciting PS3 Vita  20th Nov 2012
PlayStation Move PS3  1st Sep 2010
PlayStation Move Heroes PS3 PSM  28th Apr 2011
PlayTV PS3  3rd Sep 2008
Pokemon Battle Revolution WII  12th Feb 2007
Pokémon Black and White 2 import review: Feels familiar, but still delivers 3DS  10th Jul 2012
Pokemon Black/White DS dsi  3rd Mar 2011
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl DS  2nd Jun 2007
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