Name Format Date Posted
Race Driver GRID 2 interview: 'Be the best or don't bother' PC PS3 360  8th Jan 2013
Rage: 'We're doing things other companies can't' PC PS3 360  23rd Jul 2011
Rage: 'What if you could control a game with your mind?' PC PS3 360  22nd Jul 2011
Rainbow Six: Vegas 360  31st Oct 2006
Randy Pitchford interview: 'For me, making games is like playing with amazing toys' PC PS3 360  4th Sep 2012
Red Faction Armageddon PC PS3 360  28th Aug 2010
Red Faction: Armageddon - "We're motivating players to destroy everything in sight" PC PS3 360  27th Mar 2011
Red Faction: Armageddon - 'This is unlike anything out there' PS3 360  11th Mar 2011
Red Faction: Armageddon - 'When I came on GeoMod ran like crap' PC PS3 360  12th Feb 2011
Red Faction: Guerrilla PC PS3 360  6th Oct 2008
Remember Me interview: 'How stupid is this industry to only bet on stereotypes?' PC PS3 360  4th Nov 2012
Remember Me: 'We were told you can't have a strong female lead and be successful' PC PS3 360  16th Aug 2012
Renegade Ops: 'The market is both exciting and scary right now' PC PS3 PSN 360 XLA  11th Aug 2011
Renegade Ops: 'We've tried to make it feel like a blockbuster movie' PC PS3 360  10th Aug 2011
Res Evil: Operation Raccoon City: 'We thought it was important to broaden our market' PS3 360  6th Feb 2012
Reservoir Dogs PC PS2 XBX  15th Jun 2006
Resident Evil 5 360  23rd Oct 2008
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 'We're not remaking Resident Evil 2' PC PS3 360  14th Mar 2012
Return to Rapture: Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea PC PS3 360  4th Oct 2013
Ridge Racer Unbounded: 'We shine in the smaller stuff - cars going through walls' PC PS3 360  23rd Jun 2011
Rock Band 360  25th May 2008
Rock Band Developer Interview 360  11th Apr 2008
Rockin' with the Recon PC PS2 XBX 360  16th Feb 2006