Terrifying Oculus Rift game lets you play console in haunted house

Virtual reality prototype, called Alone, available now

Ever played a game alone, absorbed in another world, when suddenly you hear an unfamiliar noise from somewhere in the house? Do you become uneasy? Does your imagination begin to take over?

This is the basis for an unbelievably clever Oculus Rift game, called Alone, where you sit in a lounge late at night and play on a virtual console sitting under the flat-screen TV.

As you progress thorough this game-within-a-game, which is itself a horror title, you begin to hear creepy sounds hang around the house. It's essentially a horror story about you playing video games, making it one of the smartest things we've seen utilise the Oculus Rift.

You'll need an Oculus Rift, an Xbox pad and a PC for this to work, and seeing that there's a slim chance you have this, take a look at this video below to get an idea of how creepy it can get.

Contains profanity

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The prototype project, which has been developed by Greenwood Games, is available here.