SuperHot breaks Steam Greenlight record

Indie FPS built on frozen time gameplay mechanic

SuperHot, an idiosyncratic first-person shooter where time only progresses when the player moves, has broken the record for fastest accepted game on Steam Greenlight.

The game, built by an indie outfit based in the Polish city of Łódź, is now guaranteed to be published on Valve's Steam platform when development has finished. The game first emerged on Steam Greenlight on September 13 and managed to attain enough user votes five days later.

"Thanks to your amazing support we passed Steam Greenlight in mere five days!" the game's developer has said.

"We checked it - SuperHot is the fastest game ever to get greenlit... We're very excited about that, but ahead of us lies an even greater task - right now we have to make this game happen."

Led by designer Piotr Iwanicki at Blue Brick, SuperHot was first assembled in August during a seven-day Game Jam event called Seven Day FPS. Its central concept is to offer limited ammo and freeze time until the player starts moving - meaning more thought has to go into where the player stands, moves and shoots.

The rough Seven Day FPS project caught interest and convinced the team to build a free version for the public, which is s available here. Now Blue Brick is assembling more levels and challenges for a full Steam release. No release date has been set.

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