Fake GTAV iFruit Android apps 'could be malware'

Users are warned not to download any iFruit imitations they may see

Android owners are being warned that imitations of Rockstar's iFruit app containing malware have made their way onto the Google Play store.

iFruit is a companion app for Grand Theft Auto V, currently available on iOS devices. The app allows users to customise their cars, create license plates for GTA 5's story campaign, as well as teach Chop the dog new tricks.

The real iFruit app is currently only available on iOS devices

The app is currently only available for iOS devices, and Rockstar says versions for Android (via Google Play), Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile and Vita are on the way soon.

Despite this, at least two apps have surfaced on the Google Play Store that use the same icon as iFruit in an attempt to mimic the real thing. Comments from angered users suggest these apps are fake, inoperable, and in some cases are suspected malware.

Android owners are advised to keep checking CVG or Rockstar's own news feeds for further details on the real app's release on Android.

Meanwhile, Rockstar continues to resolve issues with the iFruit app, after users reported problems logging in.

CVG's GTA V review describes the crime-opus as "sprawling, thrilling and beautiful", declaring it "the best Grand Theft Auto yet".