UK's The Mirror links gun tragedy to Call of Duty

Another attack on games makes newspaper's front cover

This is the front page of today's UK Mirror newspaper.


Featuring the headline, 'DRIVEN TO KILL BY CALL OF DUTY', the cover story links video games to the tragic killing of 12 people at a naval installation in Washington DC.

This is, despite noting in the very first sentence, that gunman Aaron Alexis had been previously treated for mental illness.

According to the Mirror, "experts have argued for many years" that gamers can be affected by violent games - and Alexis was "really into" Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

For the record, there are no peer-reviewed and credible studies which suggest video games make people violent. This month, 40 million people will play Call of Duty.

Now seems like the perfect time to point you towards Rob Crossley's investigation, 'Why Do Newspapers Attack Video Games?'