Metal Gear Solid 5 video reveals the making of Quiet

From real-life actress to in-game sniper in two minutes

A new Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain video shows how the game's developers convert a real person to an in-game character.

Model Stefanie Joosten is scanned and pictured with a complex-looking array of camera as Hideo Kojima and his team prepare her likeness for a character named Quiet.

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MGS creator Hideo Kojima attracted criticism this week when he appeared to state on Twitter that he intentionally encouraged his designers to make the character 'Quiet' more "erotic" in order to encourage cosplay.

Series artist Yoji Shinkawa has since moved to play down the comments, but that doesn't appear to have cooled the debate.

David Ellis, content producer at 343 Industries and former EGM journalist, recently took to Twitter to call the MGSV design "disgusting".