Xbox One: first TV ad focuses on Skype, NFL

Microsoft kicks off marketing campaign alongside NFL season

Microsoft has aired the first North American Xbox One television ad, to coincide with the start of the NFL football season.

As you'd expect the ad is heavy on NFL and, as Microsoft has done throughout its promotional campaign, highlights the various entertainment features of the new console, including Skype and TV functionality.

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The Xbox One release date was confirmed this week as November 22, 2013. The console will launch in 13 markets including North America, UK and Australia simultaneously.

Speaking at a technology conference this week, Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi said Microsoft believes it will break even or even profit marginally from sales of Xbox One at launch.

This differs from console launches in recent years, with firms usually taking a loss on early-life hardware sales with an eye to turning profits on software sales and services, and later on hardware following manufacturing cost reductions.