Sniper Elite studio teasing new project

Rebellion promises a return to Berlin

Rebellion has released a teaser for a forthcoming announcement, hinting at a military Berlin setting.

The studio is currently working on Sniper Elite 3, though an expansion for Sniper Elite V2 released earlier this year entitled Nazi Zombie Army.


Users are invited to provide an email address and to specify their preferred platform for forthcoming news on the project.

In an email sent to media, the following text featured:

You thought the nightmare was over. You all did.

But here you are, with no other choice. All roads lead back.

Back to Berlin.

Rebellion confirmed Sniper Elite 3 in March. It will release for current and next-gen consoles in 2014. Given the Sniper Elite series' military setting, the current teaser could be related to that project.

Sniper Elite V2 released in 2012. In our review we said that "it's got guts, but fails as a shooter".