Nintendo exec: 3DS and PS Vita strategies are 'fundamentally different'

Nintendo doesn't want to emulate home console experience with 3DS

A Nintendo executive has described how the company's handheld strategy contrasts with Sony's, noting that the approaches are "fundamentally different".

According to Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffitt, the 3DS is focused on portable, quick fix gaming, whereas Sony is more interested in emulating the home console experience.


"On the handheld side, we're heading in a very different direction than PlayStation with Vita," Moffitt told Gamespot.

"It really comes back to, in my opinion, the core strategy. I believe their view on the market is that the handheld gaming occasion and the home gaming occasion are one in the same, that people just have the desire to keep continue playing their home console game when they leave the house.

"And our philosophy, our belief, our strategy, is that we believe it's kind of a different occasion. The moment of time you're willing to play, the amount of time you [are] able to play when you're away from home is different and your gaming behavior is different."

The 3DS has been the top-selling hardware product in the US for three consecutive months, from May until July. It was estimated to have sold 170,000 units in July.

Meanwhile, Sony announced a price reduction on the PS Vita at Gamescom last week, and while specific sales data was not made available, a Sony exec admitted that the handheld "is not performing that well."

The company announced the third iteration of the 3DS earlier this week. Entitled the Nintendo 2DS, the redesigned handheld is a budget option that eschews the main model's 3D functionality.