Battlefield series will not be annualised any time soon - DICE

Studio spokesperson denies a move to annual releases

Battlefield is unlikely to become an annualised series any time soon because its developer DICE "can't build a game every year".

Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach said at Gamescom that while Battlefield 3 has been out for nearly two years, people are still playing it.


"I think the core Battlefield idea that we're working on at DICE is... we can't build a game at DICE every year," Bach told VideoGamer.

"We [had] 18 months worth of Battlefield [Premium] and people want more things during that time. Now it's been almost two years and people feel like they are continuously playing - we still have huge amounts of players playing Battlefield 3. So I think in general, people apparently want Battlefield all year round."

At the suggestion that the Battlefield series could evolve into a continually growing title with regular new maps and campaigns, Bach said it was possible, likening the possibility to MMOs.

"I don't know. Maybe it's a really smart thing to do; maybe it's the completely wrong thing to do. We can see that some games are actually doing it already, like MMOs.

"You have some free-to-play games [that] continue on the same platform. So I think it's more about the audience and getting all the ducks in a row, so to speak."

Published by Electronic Arts, the Battlefield series is now the company's most successful military shooter asset. Following poor sales for the Medal of Honor series last year, the publisher confirmed it would be "taken out of rotation".

Battlefield 4 will release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 31. It will also release for next-gen consoles at an unspecified date.