The Walking Dead headed to Ouya

Telltale bringing Season 1 and 400 Days expansion to the Android console

Ouya will be graced with a port of Telltale's critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series 'this winter', the developer confirmed today.

Season 1 of the comic spin off will arrive alongside the '400 Days' DLC episode that forms a bridge between Season 1 and the in-development Season 2.


Telltale has also confirmed that Season 2 will be released on the miniature Android console, although it held off announcing timings for that.

As is the case on other platforms, Episode 1 of Season 1 will be playable for free on Ouya.

"We have an OUYA set up in the office and the team's been discovering tons of great games from developers large and small, trying out a bunch of games we wouldn't normally be able to trial," said Telltale. "We're all thrilled to add The Walking Dead to the mix on this platform."

The game made its debut on the PS Vita last week, allowing users to play with analogue controls and face buttons or opt for touchscreen-only controls. It also features an additional set of Trophies.

The second season of The Walking Dead is due to launch later this year.