US PS Plus update: Machinarium free, Spelunky released

This week's new discounts and exclusives for PS Plus subscribers

Machinarium is the latest game to be added to the US Instant Game Collection, which makes it free to download the PS Plus subscribers.

Machinarium is the critically-acclaimed point-and-click puzzle adventure from Amanita Design. It's cross-buy compatible so PS Plus subs can download the PS3 and the Vita version at no additional cost.


The Instant Game Collection list will lose Hitman Absolution Special Edition on September 3.

Spelunky, another indie hit, has released on the US PlayStation Store today, and PS Plus subs are able to grab it at a discounted price of $11.99, down from the regular $14.99.

Sony is also hosting a 'PAX 2013 Sale' on several titles, with PS Plus subs typically getting deeper discounts than regular users. Here's a snapshot of the full discounted games list: