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Interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One's core games charge

"It's been an interesting GC for me, before it I was certainly getting a PS4 and only had that on pre-order. But I found their presentation underwhelming, I really respect what they are doing with indie games and think its important for the industry, but I really wanted a big game exclusive to hang my hat on and say 'yeahhhhhhhh this is the console for me'.

But with their 'strategic partnerships' that he mentioned in this interview, (Microsoft rolling up to the publishers with a truck load of money) they have got the exclusive content on the games that most people want. COD with dedicated servers is a game changer, as much hate as it gets, its still a fast paced fun game to pick up and play when you have a bit of spare time.

If they can strike a partnership with Sky again, which he was worryingly cagey about in the interview, they will have a major advantage.

As much as Sony is pushing that their message hasnt changed I cant help but think gamers wont care come November who has had the most consistent message for the last 6 months, they will care about where the best games and content can be found.

Soapbox moment over." - comedydave7

That's far too sensible for our liking. Away with you.

Review: Flashback remake is no big leap

"Downloading it now... I'm feeling sceptical to be honest. If Conrad is a bit of a ballbag and it's gone all super mega explosive action then I may have a bit of nerd rage.

Better put the kettle on." - MrPirtniw

Noooo, don't put the kettle on if you're going to rage. You'll scald yourself, you numpty.

Polyphony's vision of Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 may become GT7

"I'm pretty sure awesome power of the PS4 will finally allow the Gran Turismo AI cars to take avoiding action.

2018 can't come soon enough." - superfruit

Trolling the AI and the lengthy development times in one post. That's some God-tier stuff there.

EA's Gibeau insists relationship with Sony 'is very good'

"MS are like that kid as school who no one really liked but he had lots of money and would buy you chocolate and stuff. So you hung around with him." - RustySpoon80

Did you go to school with wee Hugh Morrison too?*

Cheaper PS4 retail price will not ensure success - Jack Tretton

"The only reason I'm still with Sony after all these years is this build quality has never been done cheap.I play a lot of hours and the Playstation brand has only failed me 1 time in all these years.Friend of mine has had over ten xbox 360's due to them failing him this gen.They have my loyality due to this quality that and the games just keep me happy" - Domin666

Your friend went through ten Xbox 360s, this generation? He does realise the console doesn't double as a gaming beanbag, doesn't he?

Ryse multiplayer will have microtransactions

""The way that you get armour is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA," he continued.
I must be playing FIFA wrong. Don't recall seeing anyone with body armour on the pitch, however that would be cool." - 360_Fan

Does Petr Cech count?

Sony 'looking at a PS4 sell-out situation'

"If I don't get mine on launch day I'll be... Wait for it...


Fine... I'll go..." - Random Hangman

To think we waited for it, too.

Demand for Nintendo is low from publishers, according to n-Space CEO

"Who cares, n-space are absolute s**te anyway

Edit: ok I just found out that they developed Rugrats: Search for Reptar, so I take back everything I said." - BLARRG

That'll teach you to jump to conclusions.

Harrison: Xbox One has best launch line-up 'in console history'

"If the NES and Duck Hunt could speak it would disagree. But it can't. So it won't." - Barry316

We don't want to scare you, but it can, actually.

*Disclaimer: Wee Hugh Morrison does not exist