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Timeline: The Xbox One troubles and turnarounds

By Chris Scullion on Friday 16th Aug 2013 at 2:21 PM UTC

It's been a busy year for Microsoft.

If pushing through the final stages of a multi-billion-dollar console project wasn't mercilessly hectic and expensive enough, it's also faced a previously unimaginable backlash from the online community for the underpinning features and policies of the Xbox One.

But Microsoft is one of the fastest thinkers in games, and has made extraordinary policy reversals in an attempt to lure back its fleeting customers. Some of these changes were so drastic that there has been talk of Microsoft going too far in its attempts to placate endlessly angry online mobs. Some still think it hasn't gone far enough.

Below you'll find a slideshow timeline of the whole story - from rumour to confirmation to reversal - to give you a better picture of Microsoft's resolve, and what exactly you'll get on release day.