Journey dev's next game still 'years away'

Thatgamecompany confirms "risky" project will be multiplatform

The next game from the creators of Journey is still a years off and will be coming to multiple platforms, according to Thatgamecompany.

In an interview with The New Yorker, the studio's creative director Jenova Chen said the next game is two years away from release at least.

Chen explained that he had attended this year's E3 to make sure no other studios had come up with a similar idea, and was happy to report they hadn't.

"I was proud to see that no one is doing what we're doing, but also worried because I know why," he said. "It's risky."


Calling it the "bastard child" of the studio's previous games Journey, Flower and Flow, Chen said the next game will combine Thatgamecompany's previous themes of connection, nostalgia, and self-reflection, and compared it to watching E.T. for the first time.

Chen also confirmed that the next game can be played alone or with others, and will once again feature non-verbal communication, but unlike Journey it will also include the option to play with another player locally.

"A lot of people asked us why Journey didn't let them play with friends or family, and obviously we had a reason: because that would have defeated the purpose of the game," Chen said.

"But for a game to be truly be accessible, to both children and adults and to men and women, it has to allow people to play with the ones they love."


Earlier this year, a former Thatgamecompany designer said the next game "will change the industry in a really positive way".

In a previous interview, Chen discussed the next game's local multiplayer in more detail. "The next game after Journey is like, okay, we've done it with strangers on the internet, can this also happen among people who know each other? It's a natural evolution of everything we are doing," he explained.