Three lead SimCity devs quit Maxis, form indie studio

Creative director Ocean Quigley departs with two others

SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley has announced his departure from Maxis and EA to found a new indie studio called Jellygrade.

Quigley is joined by two fellow former Maxis devs, Andrew Willmott and Dan Moskowitz, who were SimCity's simulation architect and lead gameplay engineer respectively.


"After 17 years (SimCity 3k, SimCity 4, SimCity, also a little work on the Saturn version of 2K) it was time for something new," said Quigley via Twitter.

The trio are working on a new iPad game under the working title 'Tethys', which Quigley says is "still pretty early - the simulation engine is under active development".

While keeping the game mostly under wraps, Quigley did say, "We're starting off on the iPad with a fundamentally new simulation engine - I can't wait to start showing it off." When pressed further, he added, "There's a bunch of cool stuff that you can do with touch & fluid simulations."

Concept renders of a 2D volcano spewing molten lava was posted on a new official site for Jellygrade.

Quigley teases more information in "maybe a month or two".