Sine Mora hits iOS devices

Suda51's visually striking shooter available now on Apple gadgets

An iOS version of Suda51's critically acclaimed XBLA shooter Sine Mora is available now via the iTunes App Store.

At $5.99 and 283 MB, the Apple version appears to be an uncompromised port of the console original, visuals included - only iPhone 5 and the 5th-Gen iPod Touch are officially supported due to the processing grunt required.


The horizontal shooter hit XBLA in March, 2012 to positive reviews, impressing with its colorful bullet swarms and 3D backgrounds. Ports for PC, PS3 and Vita followed in November 2012.

For those who've missed it on other platforms, here's the PC launch trailer, which will give you a good idea of the bullet swarm challenges it entails:

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