Xbox One games can be played while downloading

Updates will also "install seamlessly in the background"

Xbox One will let users begin playing games while they're downloading, Microsoft has confirmed to Polygon.


When Xbox One was announced in May, Microsoft also said users will be able to start playing titles immediately as they install to the console, while updates will "install seamlessly in the background", meaning playing time won't be interrupted.

Similarly, Sony's Neil Brown told Develop attendees last week that the same technology which allows PS4 to play games as they're downloading from the internet will allow the console to play games while they're being installed from a disc.

Earlier this week, Microsoft reiterated that its proposed Xbox One Family Sharing feature hasn't necessarily been shelved entirely, but rather just moved out of the console's launch window.

Microsoft has confirmed an Xbox One release date of November 2013. It will go head-to-head with Sony's console, with the PS4 release date currently set as "holiday 2013".

Sony showed off the PS4 hardware for the first time during its E3 conference in June, when it confirmed a PS4 price of £349 / €399 / $399, undercutting the Xbox One price by $100.