GTA 5: new details, Japanese release date confirmed

Japan gets firm release a month behind the West

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released in Japan on October 10 - almost a month behind its September 17 release in the West.

So reports the latest issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine, which also contained new tidbits of information on Rockstar's highly anticipated sequel.


According to details extracted via fan forums, there will be 15 species of wild animal in the game, all of which can be hunted, although reasons for hunting them are yet to be disclosed.

The player will have a pet of their own - a dog named Chop, who is customisable with interchangeable collars and other accessories. It will apparently be possible to lose Chop if gamers are negligent.

The article also discussed a vast improvement to the game's animations, saying that each of the three main characters have been given their own walk animations to differentiate them.

Rockstar recently released a new Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay trailer revealing almost five minutes of new footage. CVG followed up with a meticulously in-depth analysis of every scene in the video, and later an exclusive interview with the game's producer Imran Sarwar.