1666 'the next big thing in the action adventure genre'

Patrice Désilets says on-hold game can be "the next Assassin's Creed"

Former Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia creative director Patrice Désilets believes his now on-hold project 1666 Amsterdam has the potential to take the action adventure genre to the next level.


Désilets began working on the new IP in June 2011 after he departed Ubisoft to help establish a new studio, THQ Montreal. He subsequently rejoined Ubisoft when the company acquired THQ Montreal earlier this year, but the reunion quickly turned sour.

In May, Ubisoft said Désilets had left the company after the pair were "unable to align their visions" and the publisher suspended development of 1666. But Désilets claimed he was terminated by Ubisoft and is now suing his former employer for $400,000 and the rights to the game.

In a new video interview with Gamereactor, Désilets reiterated his desire to complete the project, which he believes can be "the next big thing" in the action adventure space.

"I cannot give details about how I want to evolve the action adventure genre next time because of everything that is going on," he said in reference to his legal battle with Ubisoft. "I'm fighting for it, I want it back, it belongs to me, if I can have it back then you can have it.

"It was the next Assassin's Creed. I say that in my humble opinion, but I'm paid to have those types of ideas and visions. I did it in the past and I felt that 1666 was the next big thing that I'd come up with."

Désilets said his first year on the project was spent building a team and nailing the vision for the IP, working out what the company would be selling. "Is there a universe to make multiple games? Could there be a comic book? Could there be a TV show? I call that part the sell part.

"And then we were back into the play part, which is pre-production. It was all about playing and finding all the mechanics, not giving an 'F' about the IP and the story, just about the gameplay, and we were nailing it down.

"And it was not easy I was not making a little guy jumping around with swords, and I was not making a shooter, I was trying something different again, to push the boundaries.

"And then the last portion would have been the telling part, the story part, of that Amsterdam first game, and this is where we were [when] life put the bump in the road, but the road continues and I'm in the middle of it, and I'm confident that at the end of the road everybody will play 1666 Amsterdam and enjoy it, because it's going to be 'holy shit, again he did something different', and that's what I want."