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Video: Half-Life 2 perfectionists finish game in 87 minutes

A group of fourteen immensely dedicated Half-Life 2 enthusiasts have toiled for about 600 days to find exploits so that the game can be completed in an unfathomable one hour and twenty-seven minutes and fifty-one seconds.

I am deeply conflicted by this. On one hand this is a sensational showcase of people outthinking the laws of the universe with an incomprehensible, show-stopping string of rapid button presses at mercilessly precise moments.

On the other hand, this is a gang of exploiters riding roughshod over one of the most important video games of all time; belittling its beautiful and painstakingly assembled structure and narrative and exposing it as nothing more than a complex series of tunnels and loading points.

It's like someone scribbling over the original manuscript of Macbeth, and at the same time it's also like watching Muhammad Ali's beautiful flawless victory against Cleveland Williams. But hey, watch it.

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