The Last of Us tops 3.4 million sales

Naughty Dog's game becomes the "fastest selling new franchise in the history of PS3"

Sony claims The Last of Us sales topped 3.4 million units between the game's global release on June 14 and July 3.


The brisk sales, which include physical and digital purchases, make the Naughty Dog developed PS3 exclusive the fastest selling new franchise in the console's history and the quickest selling PS3 game of 2013, according to the platform holder.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said: "These sales figures are a testament to the blockbuster quality of The Last of Us.

"The teams at Naughty Dog are true visionaries and their storytelling capabilities are second to none, this title is an undisputed demonstration of that.

"SCE continues to be committed to delivering unique gameplay experiences that redefine the interactive entertainment industry and The Last of Us is a perfect example."

On Monday, The Last of Us became the first UK all formats chart topper of 2013 to retain the No.1 spot for four consecutive weeks.

We said in our The Last of Us review: "The Last of Us is a remarkable achievement, and one of those rare games that you never want to end as you approach the finale.

"It tells a moving story that will linger in your mind long after the credits have rolled, but never loses sight of the fact that it's a video game, not a film. It's a masterful marriage of storytelling and game design, and easily Naughty Dog's finest moment."