Game Gear version of Mega Man tipped for 3DS eShop

Rare US-only release crops up on ESRB ratings

A little-known Mega Man game released for Game Gear in 1995 could be making its way to the 3DS eShop as a Virtual Console title.


US game ratings board ESRB has posted a new listing for the game which, without any formal announcement having been made, typically points to a revival via Nintendo's retro game emulation service.

Game Gear's 'Mega Man' was outsourced to a studio called Freestyle and only released in North America by publisher US Gold.

Despite its title, the game is not a port of the NES original, but consists of a mix of components from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5.

Mega Man titles have featured prominently in Nintendo's eShop updates in recent months, with all six of the NES games and Mega Man X on Super Nintendo having arrived in Japan and US. We expect Mega Man's sole Game Gear appearance to crop up on Nintendo's eShop lists soon.