Battlefield 4 spectator mode detailed

DICE demonstrates passive viewing mode for next-gen shooter

Battlefield 4 will feature a spectator mode, and DICE has detailed how it will work in a new video preview.

The spectator mode will allow users to view a player's match in first-person and third-person mode. Third-person mode will allow full camera control, and each will show the player's current inventory.

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Five free cam modes are available as well, allowing users to move freely throughout the map. The free cam's speed can be altered and made static on the map, and the user can place preset locations and switch freely between them.

Users will access each player in a match via the scoreboard.

Battlefield 4 will release in October for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Invitations for the Battlefield 4 alpha trial were distributed earlier this week.

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