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Who's who in Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom Pain

By Daniel Dawkins on Tuesday 18th Jun 2013 at 11:32 AM UTC

Know Metal Gear Solid inside out? Skip to slide number three below.

If you're less intimate with Kojima's complex, philosophical and fascinating series, here's a brief recap of MGSV's plot and themes: MGS: Ground Zeroes (the prologue of MGSV) starts in 1974, almost immediately after the events of MGS: Peace Walker on PSP. Snake infiltrates Camp Omega in Cuba to rescue Chico (the boy in the cage) and Paz (we'll explain) - both key characters in Peace Walker. While he's away, Mother Base (the oil rig-style base you build in MGS: PW) is attacked and destroyed, as seen in the trailers. Snake arrives back in time to see it burn, and fights to rescue his friend Kaz Miller (the dude with shades). All good? Let the slideshow commence...

(Scroll through images for more info)

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I'll be back later this week, all being well, with a deeper dissection of MGSV's core themes, plot clues and deliberate misdirection. Yup - this was the easy stuff. As ever, leave your comments below, or get in touch via @DanDawkins