Comments of the Week: E3 Edition

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Witcher 3 screenshot gallery: beauty and beasts

Damn my speed reading I was sure that said something other than beasts, imagine my disappointment. - lonewolf2002

So you're into witches, eh? No wonder you're called "lonewolf".

New Metal Gear Online in development alongside MGS 5

As long as it doesn't require it's own bloody sign up process again that feels like filling a tax return in, I'm game. Metal Gear Online with 4 was ridiculous with its Konami ID system. - TheCrimsonFenix

Being a special ops spy isn't all glitz and glamour you know, there's paperwork involved too.

Cliff Bleszinski backs anti-used-game DRM

If you just made decent games, with a good level of replay value. And with reasonably priced DLC, to keep the game going. You'd have no problem.

The fact that you continuously produced the same type of game in the same tried and tested format, with way-over priced DLC does nothing to help your case.

The games industry needs to be cutting edge and innovative in order to survive. Not comfortable and smug in its own arrogant self assuredness to think it can dictate to people how they live with the purchases that they make. - Manjushri

We hope there's a bed free at the burns unit.

'Veteran Battlefield devs' working on Star Wars: Battlefront

At least this calms the fears of people who thought that it was ganna be made by DICE California (Medal of Honor Warfighter) - MrH_Batesy

You can say that again. Ugh.

New Mirror's Edge 'more action adventure' than original, says EA exec

I have faith but i might just be happy it's just coming out, hopefully it don't go down the way dead space did with changing the formula to much. - smoothop

We see what you did there. We're not sure you do though.

Sony: PS4 multiplayer fee 'will fund improvements'

I don't see a problem with it. I've been a Plus member for almost 3yrs now, and I don't regret it, it's totally worth it, or I wouldn't do it at all. Can't argue with $5 a month, or $50 a yr. All the games I got to play free, and the discounts that I got exceeded the yearly cost by a landslide. I have nothing to complain about. - Gameoholic007

A modern gamer? With nothing to complain about? You, good sir, do not belong on these interwebs.

Ubisoft: Wii U must sell better to justify exclusives

Shocking that Rabbids Land and Sports Connection didn't sell well - sure that's purely down to the Wii U's small install base and has almost nothing to do with those games being utter tripe. - thesnowman86

If we didn't know any better we'd think you were being sarcastic.

EA looking at used games from a 'customer-first standpoint'

If EA completely ditches all used-game blocking for all their games on all platforms, then I'm Jesus reborn! - vulcanraven01

We really hope it does now, to see how you get out of that one.

Miyamoto: piracy a bigger concern than used games market

Guarantee you he uses Timotei Shampoo and Conditioner. His hair just looks so soft and bouncy. - Barry316

Can you get Timotei in Japan though? Hold on... *checks* My God, you're probably right.

Wii Fit Trainer to star in Smash Bros 4 - trailer

I just thought of a bad thing about this: the endless Internet pictures of her in "questionable" poses. And I was having such a good day. - Balladeer

And now we are too.