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Gameplay interview: The Division

By Mike Jackson on Wednesday 12th Jun 2013 at 7:16 PM UTC

Seamless online multiplayer appears a defining focus of next-generation gaming and Ubisoft is spearheading the movement with its freshly announced open-world online RPG, Tom Clancy's The Division.

Revealed during Ubisoft's press conference on Monday, The Division is set in a near-apocalyptic New York following a viral pandemic that swept across the city. Players take control of members of The Division, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents fighting to prevent the fall of society.

Gameplay revealed so far shows third-person cover-based shooting action with players banding up to navigate through a detailed New York, engaging other groups of players in gun fights and carrying out missions at the request of citizens encountered on the way.

CVG caught up with the game's production director Petter Mannerfelt and producer Fredrik Rundqvist, who discussed the game's progressive take on next-generation multiplayer and "pushing the limits" of player matchmaking in the video interview below.

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