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10 best trailers of the show

By Iain Wilson on Saturday 15th Jun 2013 at 12:00 PM UTC

We've seen enough new videos coming out of E3 this week to make our heads spin, and - as if to prove it - there are now over two hundred of them available in our gigantic E3 2013 video vault.

However, unless you're a digital hermit living in your very own technocave, it's unlikely you'll have the time to watch them all. So, we've picked out what we consider to be the five best trailers, with links to each.

As always, let us know your thoughts on them. Did they also blow you away? Or, in the unlikely event you don't like 9-minute Kojima blowouts, were there other trailers that impressed you even more? Which E3 games got you hottest under the collar?



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: What a way for Microsoft to kick off their conference. Taking the series to an open world Afghanistan, the trailer shows off a variety of transport methods, from horse riding to tank driving, while dynamic weather and "the realistic passage of time" plays out alongside Snake's athletic new stealth moves. A raft of characters are introduced over a soaring Bond-esque theme, and although the story will be borderline-impenetrable to newbies (and perhaps even to series players), there's no doubt this latest trailer is Kojima at his overblown, brilliant best. Sensational.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: After last year's Watch Dogs trailer, Ubisoft once again proved themselves the masters of surprise with Tom Clancy outing, The Division. Played out against a pandemic which forces the titular unit of agents out into the open to restore order, the trailer's most impressive trick was kicking things off with what looked like a CGI track down the side of a New York tenement building before seamlessly moving into gameplay to prove that those graphics are in-game. This, in terms of visuals, truly was the next gen, even if the game mechanics - scavenging supplies, co-op, shooting, taking cover - felt more recognisable. A third-person MMORPG-Shooter, this was a beautiful bolt from the blue.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: An abridged version of the 64 player demo from EA's conference, this trailer shows a jaw-dropping amount of destruction in the city of Shanghai. There are shootouts with helicopters from penthouse suites and battles with tanks on the streets, before a soldier dashes into a basement and blows up a supporting pillar, bringing down the road above and disabling an armoured vehicle. For the finale, troops parachute from the roof of a skyscraper as it collapses dramatically into the bay. How much of this action is scripted remains to be seen, but one thing's clear: in terms of technical prowess, Battlefield 4's E3 showing is on a whole different level to Call of Duty: Ghosts.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: Developers CD Projekt have been quietly laser-focused on bringing their PC series to next gen, and clearly the trailer's wall-to-wall incredi-visuals reveals it's been worth it. The traditional dark, mature and epic non-linear story is promised, with over 100 hours of quests, and the multi-region open world - sprawling off into the distance in the trailer - suggests it'll take some considerable time to see it all. Featuring living, breathing settlements packed with markets and taverns to visit, The Witcher 3's goal is to push the fantasy RPG far beyond the boundaries set by Skyrim. Our journos on the ground reckon it's looking stunning - we'll find out more as 2013 goes on.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: We all chuckled at the 'David Cage's old chap' jokes at the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February. But, at E3, Cage had the last laugh. As it turned out, the face belonged to actor David Gant, and in Cage's PS4 tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer, we were given a frankly staggering insight into what Sony's hardware is capable of, with rub-your-eyes-realistic animation, perfect lip-syncing, incredible fidelity and a grab-bag of high end effects. Whether it turns out to be the groundwork for Quantic Dream's new game - in the same way its Kara demo was a precursor for Beyond: Two Souls - hardly seems to matter: it was a dazzling (and genuinely funny) showcase for the tech.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: After a 40-minute presentation that was pleasant but not exactly jaw-dropping, the first trailer for the next Super Smash Bros. game was the perfect way to ensure Nintendo fans were left smiling by the end. With a hilarious trailer that started off fairly predictably but then got silly with the introduction of the Animal Crossing Villager as a new character, the message was clear - Smash Bros. is back and it's as unpredictable as ever. And then, just to drive the point home, we were hit with that surprise Mega Man reveal, which ended up being as long as the main trailer itself. If there was any doubt that the next Smash Bros. would live up to its predecessors, the trailer kicked that doubt miles into the air, whereupon it fell into the background and disappeared with a little ping effect.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: We're not sure about you, but our measure of a good a trailer is the amount of zombies that are on screen at one time. And in the Dead Rising 3 trailer there was a metric shitload. Back when the Xbox 360 was first revealed Capcom blew us a way by cramming Willamette Mall wall-to-wall with zombies, but in the sequel the shuffling undead have spilled into the cities. Is it too early to say Dead Rising has gone open-world? Perhaps, but it certainly looks like that's the direction it's going. When the camera panned out to show the zombie horde swarming around the car our hero was standing on, our fingers instinctively moved for the jump button on the phantom controller in our hands. The idea of leaping into the crowd with a crude but devastating makeshift weapon again already has us twitching with excitement.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: Unsurprisingly, the ex-Call of Duty team#s new game looks like Call of Duty with a sci-fi wrapper. Yes, we're underselling it hugely, but that's the basic concept of Titanfall and we're absolutely fine with that. The Titanfall trailer was fast, furious and full of explosions. Given the speed at CoD multiplayer moves, it makes sense that Respawn is embracing the pace and taking the next logical, evolutionary step. After some melodramatic mumbo-jumbo about making someone pay for something or another, we're shown a single soldier seamless going from leaping around the skies in jetpack, to free-run across buildings and billboards, and then stomping around in a walking mech is, engaging in gunfights at each stage. It looks buttery smooth, and slicker than any Source game has a right to be in this day and age. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: Destiny lets players explore and experience its world in co-operative play. While anyone tagging along with Master Chief was outright ignored in Halo, Destiny is built to be inclusive and encourages players to buddy up to traverse its vast, varied terrains. That's alone is enough to sell us on it, but the biggest success of the E3 trailer was that we immediately wanted to know more about the universe; what is The Traveler? What happened to the rest of the planets? How do all the races fit into the global conflict? We're haven't been this excited about reading the inevitable Wiki site since Mass Effect.



WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: We're not sure what excites us more about Below, the fact that it's a classic roguelike from the developer of the superb Sword & Sworcery, or that Jim Guthrie will be producing the music for it (if you haven't already, check out his previous work on Spotify). The trailer for Below was light on actual gameplay and heavy on the atmosphere, but Capy has promised a game with emphasis on exploration, discovery and survival. If Sword & Sworcery is any indication, the journey to find lies below will be moody and unforgettable.