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Yoshida expects ten years of PS4

Next-generation system 'has capacity to grow and evolve'

A key executive at Sony Computer Entertainment has pledged a decade of support for PlayStation 4 and expects the new console's lifespan will be as long as its predecessors.

Shuhei Yoshida, who manages Sony's fleet of first-party game studios, was asked in an interview with CVG how long the PlayStation 4's lifespan will stretch in comparison to the PS3.

"I would say the same or similar," he replied, "because the PS4 has an incredible amount of RAM and I don't think any launch titles need that 8GB of RAM. So there's room for growth in both game content and system features".

Yoshida also revealed that a frequently requested PS3 game feature, cross-game voice chat, was not possible on PS3 because of system-level limitations. The PlayStation 4 by comparison, he claimed, is built to adapt and evolve.

"In the middle of PS3 we really hit the limit with what we could do on the system side. We wanted to add the cross-game voice chat that many people asked us about, but we had no room in the system memory at all to add it.

"So the PS4's enlarged, very fast memory allows us in the future to improve and add more new features. And at the same time we are continuing to invest and add onto the online services so that, three years from now, the PS4 will be much, much better than PS4 this holiday - and that was the case on PS3 and PS Vita."

"Surprised" by Xbox price


Elsewhere in his interview with CVG, Yoshida said that Sony learned hard lessons from the challenges with PS3 - a strikingly ambitious and expensive console that was notoriously difficult to code for.

"Designing PS4 was all about learning lessons from PS3; the system architecture, ease of development, network services... and the cost of the system is a big part of it."

Attendees at Sony's E3 press conference burst into shocked applause on Monday when the PlayStation firm announced the PS4 would launch at $399 in the US and £349 in the UK.

By comparison, Microsoft's Xbox One will retail at $499 and £429.

"We always wanted to hit $399 and we designed the system and carefully chose out of all the potential inclusions of the core hardware components and we made a system that we could sell for $399," Yoshida told CVG.

"So we just did what we aimed to do and we were hoping that people would like it. I was very surprised about the announcement yesterday by some other company... In a good way".

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