Sony confirms The Last Guardian is "on hiatus"

But Team ICO's game "is certainly not going away"

Development on Team ICO's The Last Guardian is "on hiatus", Sony has confirmed.

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Speaking in an interview with GTTV, Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton responded to fans inquiring about the status of the spiritual successor to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

"The cool thing about our worldwide development studio is we have so many projects from so many teams. Projects never ultimately go away," replied Tretton. "So The Last Guardian is certainly not going away but it is on hiatus right now."

The Last Guardian was first announced at E3 2009 for the PS3, but little has been seen of the project since.

Although Sony stated plans to release the game in "holiday 2011", Team Ico boss Fumito Ueda later said the it had been delayed beyond 2011 "to provide more challenging and better quality of content to users and to fulfill first Party Studio's obligations".

Ueda later left Team ICO, along with The Last Guardian executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama, Sony denied reports the game had been cancelled. It later added Ueda is helping to complete the game on a contractual basis.

The publisher cited E3 2012 no-show "technical difficulties" as reason for The Last Guardian's delays and later said it will release "when it's ready".

In February 2013, PlayStation worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida apologised for delays.

"I apologise to people who are waiting for the game," he said. "Ueda-san posted that he's still working on it, that he's creative-directing it and that the team in the Japan studios are working hard. We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian."