My E3 2013 most anticipated: The Evil Within

Aoife Wilson is banking on a surprise directorial finale from Shinji Mikami...

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My E3 Most Anticipated: The Evil Within


by Aoife Wilson, OXM staff writer

The Evil Within reportedly marks Shinji Mikami's last ever directorial project, and though it's good to see him return to his survival horror roots for one last hurrah, I for one hope that The Evil Within can and will surprise us.

Of course, Mikami horror hallmarks and carry-overs from older Resident Evil games are to be expected, but if The Evil Within is to stand on its own two feet, it cannot be a case of survival horror by the numbers.


Mikami needs to be brave enough to venture outside his comfort zone, to ensure his players are as uncomfortable as possible.

From what we've seen so far, The Evil Within incorporates everything you'd expect from a classic survival horror game; a loner protagonist wildly out of his depth, a lack of ammo and resources, claustrophobic, twisted and dirty environments.

Encouragingly, The Evil Within seems to be eschewing over-the-top action and laborious enemy shootouts, and seems more interested in building a more gradual sense of dread.

Mikami needs to be brave enough to venture outside his comfort zone

Hopefully, this means that the game will focus on breeding the kind of horror that slowly eats away at the mind, rather than constantly going for the jugular.

Most of what has been seen so far seems to have been heavily scripted sequences though, so hopefully we'll see more of what scares Shinji has in store at E3.

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