My E3 2013 most anticipated: The Last Guardian

Matthew Pellett hopes this will finally be the year Trico blows us away

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My E3 Most Anticipated: The Last Guardian

by Matthew Pellett, Games Master editor

This is the year. This is the year when Trico blows everyone away. Four years after the first E3 trailer, The Last Guardian's spectacular return is going to have us all blubbering with joy in that Sony keynote conference on the evening of Monday 10th June, then blubbering with even more joy when we play it the following day on the show floor. This is definitely the year.

Well, this has got to be the year, Right? The stars have aligned for this to be the year. The PlayStation 4 has already been announced, so that's one stumbling block removed.


Microsoft is gearing up to dangle a 15-exclusive-strong package of games in front of everyone's eyes, so Sony needs to pull out the big guns to top whatever games Microsoft is preparing. A new Uncharted, though incredibly exciting, wouldn't be all that surprising, and right now I've got the sublime The Last of Us for my immediate Naughty Dog fix.

What I want - and what gamers want - is the closing chapter of the Team Ico trilogy. There are only so many times I can replay the HD versions of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to ease the wait for The Last Guardian...

Only... my brain is telling me this year might not be the year. Maybe. It's not like The Last Guardian has had the smoothest of developments up until now, of course. It'd be asking a lot to see it appear as a first-wave PS4 game.

But I'm going to cross my fingers and hope anyway because that's half of the fun of E3. E3 is place where we're supposed to ask for the moon on the stick: where every year we wait for the curtains to be pulled back on Half-Life 3 or Agent or Final Fantasy Versus 13. (Or SEGA's glorious return to the hardware market with Shenmue 3 as a launch game for their new super-console.)

Close Close

Sure we always trudge away sadly and tell ourselves they'll come next year, but what would E3 be without those wild speculations and prayers in the first place?

Deep down I've come to terms with the fact that The Last Guardian probably won't be at E3. But the gamer in me refuses to give up hope that it'll make a surprise showing. And if it doesn't? That's simple: then The Last Guardian is a shoo-in for my E3 2014 Most Anticipated...

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