E3 website lists The Last Guardian and Warrior's Lair

Fresh info on the Sony projects may be just around the corner

Update: A Sony spokesperson has told Kotaku that E3 Insider's The Last Guardian listing was "not true", adding that it "looks like pure speculation".

Original story: The Last Guardian is being listed on official E3 site E3 Insider under the exhibitor section, raising hopes that we could get a first official look at the game for a number of years during Sony's E3 conference on June 11.

The Team Ico game was originally announced at E3 2009, but we've seen relatively little of the PS3 project since.


In late 2010, Sony said it planned to release the title in "holiday 2011". However, the following April, then Team Ico boss Fumito Ueda said the game had been delayed beyond 2011 "to provide more challenging and better quality of content to users and to fulfill First Party Studio's obligations".

In December 2011, shortly after Ueda and Last Guardian executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama left Team Ico, Sony moved to deny reports that the game had been cancelled.

Ueda is believed to be helping to complete the much-delayed title on a contractual basis, while Sony has reportedly drafted in a number of western first-party developers to support Team Ico on the game.

The platform holder put The Last Guardian's E3 2012 no-show down to "technical difficulties" and later said it will release "when it's ready".

In February 2013, PlayStation worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said of the title: "I apologise to people who are waiting for the game. Ueda-san posted that he's still working on it, that he's creative-directing it and that the team in the Japan studios are working hard. We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian."

Sony may be also be preparing to show off PS3 and Vita game Warrior's Lair at E3 next week, according to a listing on E3 Insider. The action RPG was originally announced at E3 2011 under the working title Ruin.