Killzone Mercenary release moved following GTA clash

PS Vita shooter to launch a week early

Sony Computer Entertainment has moved the Killzone Mercenary release date forward in Europe and North America.


The PS Vita shooter will now release on September 4 in Europe, September 6 in the UK and on September 10 in North America.

The game was originally scheduled to release on September 17 - the same day as Rockstar blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V.

To mark the news Sony has detailed the exclusive content awarded to pre-order customers. Participating retailers will offer two separate bonuses:

Package 1: Blackjack's Briefcase

  • Double Experience Points boost for 48 hours: All contracts, bonuses and payoffs in Campaign and Multiplayer modes earn you twice the normal XP for two days.
  • In-Game Cash Bonus: Pick up a new weapon with extra Vektan cash before you even step foot on the battlefield.

Package 2: ISA M224-A1 Light Machine Gun

  • A powerhouse of a weapon, with plenty of ammo to get the job done... as long as you don't require any subtlety in your mission.

The new entry in the shooter franchise was first revealed at GamesCom 2012, touted as "a completely new game that simply wouldn't be possible on any other platform".