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February 1991 - Lemmings review (CVG issue 111)

Here's a fun fact - lemmings actually aren't suicidal creatures, and don't jump off cliffs to their certain doom. The whole misconception was created by Disney, who in its Oscar-winning documentary White Wilderness, actually launched a bunch of lemmings off a cliff to make it look like suicide.

Developed by Dundee-based DMA Design, Lemmings tasked players with assigning abilities to mindless, walking lemmings in order to guide them to an exit while avoiding traps and obstacles. Its simple yet challenging gameplay made it a huge critical and commercial success.

Thanks to Lemmings' success and simple art style, it's been ported to an impressive 31 different systems over the course of its life, not to mention the six sequels it spawned (including Xmas Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings and Lemmings 2: The Tribes), and two spin-offs - Lemmings Paintball and PlayStation platformer The Adventures Of Lomax.

It's been estimated that over 15 million copies of the first game have been sold worldwide.

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