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Plus: Conker's Bad Fur Day and an awesome 1991 Nintendo training video

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1991 - Nintendo Customer Service Training video

The year is 1991. You're working in an electronics store. A bald businessman comes up to you, says his NES isn't working and wants an exchange. It's covered in what looks like Coca-Cola but may actually be something far worse. How do you deal with him? Do you tell him what you really think of him?

No, you don't. At least, not according to this sensational Nintendo training video from 1991. This video was sent to electronics stores all over America. It educated store owners on how to deal with troublesome customers trying to pull a fast one by returning faulty NES systems.

CHEER! As the bald business man is denied an exchange for his Coke-riddled NES.

WOOP! As a stereotypical nerd with tape on his glasses tries to bully a store clerk into returning a Game Boy.

WINK SUGGESTIVELY! As a ditzy mother is told not to put her controller in port 2 and then, majestically, offers the sales clerk some pie to thank him.

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