Sonic: Lost World leads 3-game Nintendo partnership

Three Sonic games to appear exclusively on Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo has entered into partnership with Sega for a brand new Sonic game exclusively for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


The game, titled 'Sonic: Lost World', was revealed on the Nintendo Direct webcast, where company president Satoru Iwata described it as an "action adventure platforming game."

A single screenshot was shown during the presentation, but Nintendo has said more gameplay details and information on the title will be released ahead of E3 2013 on June 11.

The new Sonic game comes as part of a new agreement with Sega that, the publisher says, will "make Nintendo consoles the number one destination for Sonic gaming over the next three titles".

Jurgen Post, the chief operating officer at Sega Europe, said Sonic the Hedgehog "has performed incredibly well on Nintendo platforms and this exclusive partnership is a natural fit for the next evolution of Sonic games".

He added that both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS "are ideal platforms to showcase Sonic and we are looking forward to working with Nintendo on these three exciting adventures".

Sega has forged closer ties with Nintendo in recent years, a partnership strengthened by the commercial success of Wii franchise Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Nintendo announced on Friday that the Wii U would host an all-new Olympics title for its console. This, said Sega, marked the second of the three-game deal.

A third game, Sega clarified, has yet to be announced.

The two companies have also partnered to deliver a Bayonetta sequel for the console, developed at Osaka independent studio Platinum Games.

Laurent Fischer, the managing director of European marketing and PR at Nintendo, said the company is "delighted to be forming this new partnership with Sega, and bringing new games in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise to Nintendo systems"/

"We hope fans are as excited as we are when more details will be shown closer to E3."