John Carpenter 'would love' to make a Dead Space film

Legendary director sets eyes on game series

The Thing and Escape From New York director John Carpenter has expressed enthusiasm for a Dead Space film adaptation.


The legendary director told Game Informer that he would like to see the series adapted for film, claiming that the story is "ready-made".

"I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something's on board. It's just great stuff," the director said.

"I would love to make Dead Space, I'll tell you that right now."

Dead Space 3 producer John Calhoun told CVG in January that Carpenter's The Thing was itself an influence on Dead Space 3. "That was a movie that we watched once or twice as a team, and we all took something away from it. Some people saw it as a monster movie and they were really inspired by a monster that was grotesque and disgusting. Other people took away the fact that the human drama is what's most tense in that movie."

Dead Space 3 released in February.