Next Xbox $300 with monthly contract, insider claims

$15 monthly subscription over two years, claims report

Microsoft will offer its next-generation Xbox for around $300 with a two-year subscription fee, it has been reported.


The platform holder will utilise a two-tier pricing system; a one-off payment of $500 or, taking cues from the mobile phone business, an initial charge of $300 subsidised by a 24-month commitment of $15 per month - which includes Xbox Live - according to respected tech blogger Paul Thurrott.

First rumours of a next Xbox subscription model emerged in early April when alleged insiders leaked Microsoft's plan.

Thurrott followed up with a later report, more specifically pricing the monthly fee at $10 per month.

But in a Twitter post earlier today, Thurrott issued a correction to that report. "By the way, I did screw up one thing: The $299 version of Xbox v.Next will come with a $15/mo XBLG subscription, not $10," he said.

Microsoft will reveal its new console at a special event on May 21, although there's no guarantee it'll confirm final pricing on that day.

Microsoft has pledged to showcase a "full line-up" of games at its pre-E3 press briefing on June 10.