Elder Scrolls Online story video explains new threat to Tamriel

MMO also set to be playable at Gamescom in August

Zenimax Online has released a new The Elder Scrolls Online trailer focused on the game's story.

Lead loremaster Lawrence Schick says: "As in all the games in the Elder Scrolls series, in The Elder Scrolls Online there's a cosmic threat to Tamriel.

"In this case, the cosmic threat is coming from the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. He is the God of Schemes and his goal is always the enslavement of mortal souls."

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Zenimax also said this week that The Elder Scrolls Online will be playable at Gamescom, which takes place from August 22 to August 25 in Cologne, Germany.

Publisher Bethesda has confirmed an Elder Scrolls Online release date window of 2013 on PC and Mac.