Rewatch: Tell us how to play Dark Souls

Episode 8: Sen's Lobby

"Wait till you get till Blighttown!", "Oh man, Blighttown sucks so much", "I quit during Blighttown".


It's safe to say, based on conversations with Dark Souls players, I was appropriately weary of heading into Bligttown. In fact, if you watch Tell us how to play Dark Souls Episode 7: Beware the Blight back, you'll hear a very long, very audible sigh when viewers suggested I head to Blighty.

I may be tempting fate yet again, but the expectation proved to be much scarier than the place itself. Yes, those poison dart archers were a massive pain in the ass, but I managed to advance through one of Dark Souls' most infamous areas relatively trouble free.

Of course, I owe a great deal of my success in Blighttown to the stream viewers, who guided me through with expert advice and even jumped into my game to help me defeat Chaos Witch Quelaag.

Tonight I'll be continuing my first journey through the world of Dark Souls and, as always, streaming it for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to watching, you can bestow your expert knowledge on me, and steer me in the right (or wrong) direction. Tune in from 6pm BST / 1pm ET here or on our Twitch page (follow us to be notified when we go online).

See you at 6!

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