Microsoft 'behind' in next-gen Xbox software development - report

'Sony is in better shape' for next-gen releases, according to sources

Microsoft is behind in development of games for its next-generation Xbox console, according to a new report.


The platform holder is as much as six months behind schedule with software development, according to a 'reliable source' speaking with Kotaku.

Microsoft's issues have allegedly been compounded by the cancellation of 'several internal next-gen projects', claims another source. These unspecified projects were apparently not living up to Microsoft's expectations.

This, according to the unnamed sources, has put 'Sony in better shape and further along' in development of games for its new PlayStation 4.

This comes in conjunction with an unconfirmed report today that EA has struck a deal with Microsoft to make Respawn Entertainment's debut game a crucial next-gen Xbox exclusive, which backs up an earlier CVG report.

Microsoft will reveal its next-gen Xbox at a special event on May 21, and has pledged to reveal a "full line-up" of next-generation games at its E3 2013 press conference scheduled for June 10.