Katamari Damacy headed to US PS Store next week

Original sticky ball adventure coming to PS3 as 'PS2 Classic'

The original Katamari Damacy is headed to the US PlayStation Store next week.


It'll be released as a 'PS2 Classic' as part of the PlayStation Store's content update on Tuesday, April 30, Sony has confirmed.

Katamari Damacy is much-loved Japanese adventure game in which players control a small hammerhead alien who pushes around a sticky ball - or a Katamari - through locations on Earth to pick up every day objects until, eventually, the Katamari is big enough to roll up cars, buildings, and even continents.

The game was originally released for the PS2 in Japan and US in 2004. Unlike its successors, it was never released in UK.

PS2 Classics are downloadable emulated versions of PS2 games without any updates or changes, and playable only on the PS3.