New Call of Duty promo material tips May 1 reveal

Alleged GameStop display hints at imminent unveiling

Activision could be preparing to reveal its new Call of Duty game - possibly titled Call of Duty: Ghosts - next week.


A photo of an alleged GameStop 'display blueprint' sent to IGN (pictured right) suggests that the retailer will be receiving new promotional materials related to this year's new Call of Duty game for display on May 1.

If true, this is likely to tie in with a wider public reveal.

This would mirror last year's reveal of Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2, which was announced on May 1 during the NBA Playoffs.

It also corroborates with previous reports, which have tipped a May 1 reveal along with new gameplay details such as interactive loading screens and the ability to peek around corners and slide along the ground while firing.

Earlier this week, retail giant Tesco posted listings for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the unannounced but previously rumoured Call of Duty: Ghosts, complete with box art that appeared to be genuine. Those listings have since been pulled.