Rumour: Next Xbox to introduce 'broader Achievements', video capture

Latest rumour report points to expanded Xbox Live

The next Xbox will introduce new social network elements, video capture functions and 'cross-game' Achievements, according to a new report.


Polygon reports that Microsoft will more closely position Xbox Live to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, by adding the ability to 'follow' other users and removing the current friends cap.

According to its sources, the unnamed next-gen console will include the ability to capture video during gameplay and then share it online, similar to the PlayStation 4's share button.

Currently the next Xbox will allow users to review captured gameplay and select highlights, Polygon reports. The function can be turned off or set to automatically record during certain in-game events such as FPS headshots or specific Achievements, it says.

The report claims that more control will be handed to creators for how their Achievements work on the new console.

Developers will be able to add new Achievements post-launch without DLC, it says, and tie the rewards to a broader set of events, such as weekend challenges and cross-title accomplishments, such as finishing the first chapter in two different games by the same company.

Microsoft has confirmed it will reveal its next-gen plans at a special event on May 21.