Next Xbox's always-on connection can be used for DRM, report claims

Publishers can activate piracy measure on title-by-title basis, sources claim

The next Xbox will reportedly feature a form of always-online requirement which can be used by publishers for DRM.


According to anonymous Polygon sources, deciding whether a game requires an internet connection to work and if it is a one-time authentication or a constant connection will be made by individual publishers on a title-by-title basis.

The site adds that offline gameplay will be supported alongside always online and anti-piracy checks that will allow publishers greater control over copyright protection for their products.

Inside sources talking to the likes of Edge, Kotaku and tech blogger Paul Thurrott have each claimed that the next generation Xbox will require an always-online internet connection.

Earlier this week, Microsoft brought an end to months of speculation by announcing that it will unveil its Next Xbox plans at a special one-off press conference on May 21.

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